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17 October 2013 @ 10:25 pm
Hi again! We hope you read this post first before read this. :)
So, please click one button below to read the rules.
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09 December 2013 @ 05:07 pm
Hi~ Good morning/afternoon/evening every member of LK_Zone └(:D」┌)┘
We have some announcements for you~

First, as mentioned earlier in our post, we are open membership from Nov 9 - Dec 9.
So today we are going to change our membership from open to moderated.
Any user who wants to join must wait for our approval.

Second, we only accept a LiveJournal account.
Any other account such as facebook, twitter, etc. is not allowed.
Sorry for the inconvenience, but we think you can understand this (´・ω・`)

Third, we notice that some of you haven't left an introduction comment yet (here)
If you feel like you haven't made one, we are still waiting for your comment until next week (Dec 16).
This is important since it's one of our rules.
We want you to introduce yourself because we can be friends that way (っ'ヮ'c)
We are very sorry to say this, but after Dec 16, we are going to kick out any user who doesn't follow this rule.
This is our way to appreciate members who already follow the rule.
We hope you can understand this situation _(:3」∠)_

If you're kicked out, you can still trying to join this community again though ;)
Don't forget to introduce yourself that time~

That's all for the announcement~
Now we will tell you about our progress.

We are sorry if you think that we haven't released many subs yet.
But please be informed that we're already doing our best at subbing and real life (。>ㅅ<。)
"Sexy Zone in Okinawa" is currently underway, sweet lady is timing it.
Please wish her good health so she can do everything well ♥

Dear the winner of previous game, thanks for your kindness~
You really understand us well (`>ω<´)
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09 November 2013 @ 05:59 pm
Hello everybody!! After do all of the preparation, finally we can officially open now, today, Nov 09th 2013. XDD
So, for celebrate this, we, all the mods, decide to make this community become "Open Membership" for 1 month, it's mean until Dec 09th 2013. But, we kindly ask for your cooperation to still write your introduction here because without it, we can't know you more and will difficult for us to call you as our friend because we don't know each other. So please~

In the end, we wanna say "Welcome and Enjoy Here!!!" ^^


Halo semuanya!! Setelah melakukan semua persiapan, kami akhirnya dengan resmi membuka komunitas ini sekarang, hari ini, tanggal 09 Nov 2013. XDD
Jadi, untuk merayakan ini, kami, para mods, memutuskan untuk membuat komunitas ini menjadi "Open Membership" untuk 1 bulan kedepan, yang berarti sampai tanggal 09 Des 2013. Tapi kami benar-benar meminta kerjasama kalian semua untuk tetap menulis perkenalan kalian di sini karena tanpa itu, kami tidak bisa mengenalmu dan akan sulit bagi kami untuk memanggil kalian "teman" karena kita tidak mengenal satu sama lain. Jadi tolong~

Pada akhirnya, kami ingin mengucapkan "Welcome and Enjoy Here!!!" ^^
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17 October 2013 @ 09:13 pm

Hello guys! Welcome to "Lady Khatulistiwa" Community.
We used two language as well here, those are Indonesian and English. So, please click one button below to read our introduction in language that you want. ^^

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